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5 years ago Wikinvest Gets Even MORE Mobile

We heard you.  You love the idea of tracking all of your portfolios, all in one place, wherever you go. Almost immediately after the release of our iPhone application, we received a flood of requests for an Android and Blackberry portfolio application.  You can now enjoy the same Wikinvest Portfol... Read More

6 years ago Wikinvest Goes Mobile

Since we launched our portfolio tracker in June, we’ve been working around the clock to add features and make the improvements you’ve demanded. One of those improvements launches today… You can now take your Wikinvest portfolio with you anywhere with the new Wikinvest Portfolio Manager... Read More

6 years ago Take control of your portfolio on Wikinvest

After adding all that data to Wikinvest, we started hearing calls for a portfolio tool suited to Wikinvest users. Well, starting today, you’ll notice a change to the Wikinvest homepage as you can track your existing and future investments with a direct import of your holdings from your brokera... Read More

6 years ago Search through all our data with Bling

As we mentioned in our last post, Wikinvest now features lots of new data features and interesting visualizations on our Data Central and Financial Statement (Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and Cash Flow Statement) pages.  With all of this new information on Wikinvest, though, we realized we̵... Read More

7 years ago Oh yeah — check out that data!

While TechCrunch and the Wall Street Journal may have mentioned it, it seems that we haven’t.  About a month ago we celebrated our two-year anniversary with an awesome new data and news engine for the site.  Check it out! Unlike other sites that simply fill your screen up with a thicket of r... Read More

7 years ago Wikinvest nominated for a Webby!

Great news. Thanks to you and the rest of the Wikinvest community’s contributions, we’ve just been nominated for a Webby Award for the best Financial Services site on the web. In addition, our nomination makes us eligible for the People’s Choice Award, an award decided by none ot... Read More

7 years ago Wikinvest in the New York Times

We admit it; it’s been a while since we updated the Wikinvest blog.  We’ve been too busy writing simplified investment content and developing useful tools for finance bloggers.  In our place, though, we are happy to announce that the New York Times just wrote a feature about Wikinvest.... Read More

7 years ago Get the Latest News from Investing Blogs with the Wikinvest Wire

Over the last month or two, we’ve been working hard to connect some of the web’s best financial bloggers. The result — the Wikinvest Wire — is here. The Wire syndicates related investing content and adds a mini news feed to the bottom of our blog partner’s posts, some... Read More

8 years ago You can now track your stocks on Netvibes with the Wikinvest Stock Widget

We’ve been working with the team at Netvibes to build a widget that lets you track your stocks directly from Netvibes.  Enter in a list of stocks you track, and you can get stock quotes, WikiCharts, and some Wikinvest analysis right from your Netvibes homepage.   It’s still in beta, s... Read More

8 years ago Finally: Embed a REAL stock chart on your blog or website

Today, Wikinvest launches the web’s first-ever interactive, embeddable stock chart. The charts are as easy to embed as a YouTube video, and your users can click, drag, pan, zoom, and play with no page refresh. And it’s all completely free. If you’ve ever tried to include a stock ch... Read More